Vendor laments after discovering one of her customers has been repackaging and reselling her small chops

 A small chops vendor has taken to Twitter to lament on how she discovered that one of her customers who regularly buys her products in bulk, has been repackaging and reselling it as hers.

The Twitter user with handle, @Brownsugarsteph shared on her page that she is upset after she found out that her customer is reselling her product.

“So turns out someone has been buying my small chops and selling it as her work. Why are people like this?” She tweeted.

She added that; “She’ll repackage what she buys from me to sell. I don’t even know how to feel.”

Although, some Twitter users, reacting to her plight said what the customer is doing is simply business and the lady has no reason to be angry so long as the customer paid her for the goods.

Meanwhile, others said the customer’s action is a crime because she’s being deceptive and that the lady should sue her.

See some of the reactions below.

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